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Session Work

Want Dan's vocals on your music?

Dan Vasc is now offering his services as a session singer for your single, EP or full album, no matter where you are in the world. Here's what you will have:

  • Writing and recording of original vocal lines and/or lyrics for your song;

  • Recording of vocal lines and lyrics of your own creation;

  • Recordings done in Dan's own studio with professional high quality equipment;

  • Superior vocal technique for flawless performance;

  • Masterful interpretation to give your song the feeling it deserves;

  • Multi tracking for massive choir effects;

  • Re-recordings and edits based on your feedback with 2 free revisions, so you can get exactly what you look for;

  • Individual high quality tracks delivered unprocessed, so you can mix them with your song however you like.

Ask for a quote now!


Vocals are the heart and soul of your song. Bring your music to a higher level and achieve professional results by working with someone with years of experience as a recording artist.


Making a record doesn't need to become any more toilsome than already is. A proactive and problem solver professional is of precious value to your project and will spare you lots of stress.


Accessible pricing options both for companies and independent artists.

Ask for a quote now!

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